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Five New Year’s Resolutions For Healthcare Marketers

Ken Honeywell | Partner/Creative Director | Well Done Marketing

It’s less than a week into the new year–which means you still have more than 51 brand-new weeks to be a great healthcare marketer in 2013. Here are five things to keep in mind that can help you stay focused … Continue reading

Thinking about Site Content in Terms of Organic Search

Thinking about Site Content in Terms of Organic Search

Creative content isn’t just about visitors reading the entire post or watching the whole video, it’s also about reaching and engaging a totally new audience. Of course, there’s strategy to it, and plenty of planning. But the best part’s that creative content really is interesting to produce and to consume and you won’t believe what it’ll do for you in search, so it’s a win-win-win-win-win, well, you get my point, right? Continue reading

A Five-Step Program for Distraction Addicts

Matt Gonzales | Associate Creative Director | Well Done Marketing

Increase your work productivity by beating distraction–or ignoring it, anyway. Because–regardless of what you think–you’re not more productive when you’re answering your emails, checking Facebook, updating Twitter, and texting your ten best friends while jamming out ten pages of anything. But who knew managing all that distraction could actually be this simple? Continue reading