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Baby, You’ve Arrived

Baby, You’ve Arrived from Well Done Marketing on Vimeo. One of the biggest problems you have when you write television commercials is that there are all those other people standing between you and your vision. The TV spot, as it existed in your head, has to…

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What Can Google+ Do For Healthcare Marketers?

Google+ is brand-new–but healthcare marketers should start considering its benefits right away. This new social network could offer some big advantages for reaching patients with relevant messages.

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8 Uses For QR Codes In Healthcare Marketing

How can you use QR codes in healthcare marketing? Let us count the ways.

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Dear Doctor: Don’t Leave The Opinions To Amateurs

Patients rating their doctors is nothing new. But the web gives them more reach and influence. So if you’re a doctor who’s not participating in the conversation, the loudest voices in health care are those of the amateurs. That’s not good for any of us.

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A Passion For Extraordinary Television

Let’s face it: advertising isn’t art. It can be artful. It can include elements of art. But it should never be art for art’s sake; if advertising doesn’t serve a larger purpose, push toward a more defined goal, it’s a…

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Good News For Doctors: Facebook Needs You

There’s no question that social media have brought radical changes to the way we communicate with each other, the way professionals disseminate information, and the way businesses promote themselves. We share photos. We share opinions. We hype our companies and…

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