Second Helpings

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We at Well Done have been proud of our long affiliation with Second HelpinSecond Helpingsgs. We got involved with them back in 2002, when we started Tonic Ball—the big Fountain Square benefit show that’s become the unofficial start of the local holiday season for the local music and art community. Since then, we’ve helped Second Helpings with everything from PR and marketing strategy to delivering meals on Friday mornings.

To be clear: Second Helpings is one of America’s leading community kitchen programs. Second Helpings rescues prepared and perishable food, re-prepares it into nutritious meals, and distributes those meals to over 50 social services organizations that feed hungry people. They also use rescued food to train disadvantaged adults for careers in the culinary field, helping to eliminate hunger at its source.

Since 1998, Second Helpings has collected eleven million pounds of food and provided nearly 4.5 million meals to recipient agencies. More than 350 adults have graduated from the Culinary Job Training Program.

It’s a pretty amazing program—and more necessary today than ever. Find out what you can do to help. Check out Give ‘em a call. Tell ‘em Well Done sent you.