St.Vincent Sports Performance is one of the nation’s leading scientific, medically based facilities that helps top athletes reach their potential. They have relationships with three outstanding governing bodies for Olympic sports. Which presented an interesting opportunity when the 2010 Winter Olymic Games rolled around. St.Vincent had purchased TV spots during the games. It made sense to promote St.Vincent Sports Performance.

But Sports Performance didn’t have a spot that touted their affiliation with USA Diving, USA Gymnastics, and USA Track and Field. And they didn’t have time to shoot anything.

They did have b-roll from old spots. We had an idea.

Working with Hi-Def Pictures, we combined b-roll with competition footage of athletes who’ve worked with St.Vincent Sports Performance. The real magic, though, came in the recording studio: listen carefully to the brilliant music and sound effects work of Brice Bowman at Earshot Audio-Post.

From need to concept to on the air in about two weeks. Talk about performance.