A quality-of-life plan for a great neighborhood.

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southeastneighborhood.orgFor going on a decade now, we’ve been working with our friends at Southeast Neighborhood Development (SEND) to help attract homeowners, businesses, and visitors to Indianapolis’s near southeast side. If you haven’t been to Fountain Square recently, you may be surprised by all the progress we’ve made.

And by “we,” we mean a big, diverse group of neighbors, businesspeople, and community leaders working together, using a plan we developed ourselves with the help of LISC‘s Great Indy Neighborhoods Initiatives (GINI). GINI was a three-year program to help jumpstart development in urban neighborhoods that were ready to change–and the near southeast side was more than ready.

As part of GINI, the southeast neighborhood developed a quality-of-life plan that established priorities and goals and laid out strategies for accomplishing them. Now that GINI is over, the plan lives on–at SoutheastNeighborhood.org. Surf on over and see what we’ve accomplished, and where we’re going in the future. Better yet, come on down for lunch or dinner. We love to show off where we work.