We’ve mentioned what a pleasure it is to work with Archie Manning. Imagine what a pleasure it was to work with Archie Manning at the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis with a bunch of ultra-cool jazz cats. Now imagine how satisfying it must be to connect Archie and jazz with a real condition called atrial fibrillation, or a-fib, that can lead to stroke and other life-threatening heart problems. Of course, it just so happens that one of the world’s leading authorities on a-fib works right here, at St.Vincent Heart Center of Indiana.

Or don’t imagine. Watch the spot–and check out a great way you can monitor yourself for a-fib just by taking your pulse at TakeYourPulse.org. Thanks to our partners at St. Claire Group and our pals at Hi Def Pictures, Mays Entertainment, and rippleFX for all their hard work on this very cool project.