It’s inevitable when you’re in a creative business that things rarely turn out the way you first imagined. When you write TV commercials for a living, you see and hear the spot in your head long before it exists as a script or a storyboard, let alone a finished piece of work. There are so many variables: directors, actors, crew, voiceover, music, graphics, etc. Something is almost always lost along the way.

But sometimes, your work turns out better than you ever imagined it could–thanks to those variables. The director is inspired. The actors deliver lines in ways that make them their own. There’s a spirit among the crew that pushes the work higher.

So: a couple of months ago, Matt Mays and I decided to make a TV spot for the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest. We wanted to come up with something different–something that didn’t fall into one of the standard categories:

  • Nut shot.
  • Multiple nut shots.
  • Homoerotic and/or homophobic humor.
  • Anthropomorphic animals.
  • The fact that Doritos make your hands messy and the cheesy mess comes off on everything you touch.
  • Getting hit in the face with a surge and/or shower of Doritos.
  • Rubbing Doritos on yourself to attract women.

So we came up with something different: a guy who collects Doritos in which he sees the likenesses of famous people. Quirky, for sure. But we felt as if we had to push it to downright bizarre.

Which is where our friends came in.

Our friend Mark Need lent us the house he’s renting: a giant limestone mansion in Bloomington, Indiana. Mark also agreed to be an extra–along with my partner Scott Woolgar and Well Done’s very own Josie Jeffries and Jenny Walton. Our friend Bill Baker agreed to shoot and edit the spots. Our friend Derek Hammer of Hammer Lighting & Grip let us borrow all the lighting equipment and other gear. Our friends Scott Davis and Julie Kushner signed on to crew.

Then: we asked our friend Kipp Normand to star.

Kipp has many special powers–playing the saw and making amazing art among them. But perhaps Kipp’s most amazing special power is his ability to “go all Wes Anderson” on a room.

Kipp came with props–carsful of props. And wardrobe. We transformed Mark’s house into an Andersonian Doritos museum.

Finally, we added the lovely and talented Nikki Sutton as Kipp’s adoring-but-frustrated wife. Nikki dyed her hair the color of Doritos for the shoot. That’s commitment.

We think the spots came together beautifully. But you can judge that for yourselves. You might also want to check out the little in-progress website we built––to go with the spots. This was designed by Josie and built by our own Brian Deer.

The spots are uploaded at the Doritos site, where you can see all the competition for the Super Bowl contest. Do we think we’ll win? Probably not. There are lots of nice spots there. But it’s great when a plan comes together. It’s great when the final product is even weirder and better than you imagined. And it’s nice to know you have friends who are as crazy as you are.