Oh, my. Sometimes our lives are the mostest fun.

Tonic #9, featuring the music of the Beatles, is coming up on Friday, November 19, in beautiful Fountain Square. Well Done Marketing will be well represented. The most excellent #9, featuring the bass guitar stylings of our own Scott Woolgar, will be playing, as they did to announce Tonic Ball from the roof of the Murphy building a couple of months ago. (See above.) Our superstar web developer Brian Deer will be on hand with the Brian Deer Band. (He’s also playing in at least three other bands.) Our great pal and associate Matt Mays has co-opted the name Supermoneytrain (you’re welcome), and will be playing at the Fountain Square Theatre. Did I mention that Brian and Matt also play in #9? (See above again.)

Of course, all of the above will be playing in Yoko Moment. We’ll be playing the Medley from Abbey Road at Radio Radio–and, I want to tell you, it is not to be missed. I can say this because I am only the singer, and I am not even necessary because we have so many fine singers in this band, and all of them are slumming with me.

And all the proceeds benefit Second Helpings in their efforts to eliminate hunger and empower people in Indianapolis.

Come out to Tonic! Buy art at Tonic Gallery! Buy tickets to the show here! Go here to find out about the whole thing! Stop me from using more exclamation points!

And enjoy the weird TV spot we cooked up and Matt Mays put together:

Tonic Ball 9 – Friday, Nov. 19, 2010 – Fountain Square from Mays Entertainment, LLC on Vimeo.