All creative businesses–from the biggest ad agencies to the littlest design shops–have unique personalities that have far more to do with who they are than the kind of work they do.

Take us. We’re doing high-end television production. We’re one of the busiest web shops in the city. We count among our clients some of the biggest and most influential names in their fields. But we’re never going to be a fast-talking, glad-handing, super-corporate ad agency.

That’s because we’re a writer-driven shop. Six of the ten of us, including the two partners, are writers. We’re all the things you hate about writers. We have ADD. We think we’re hilarious. We think we’re smarter than you. We’re not designers, but we have opinions about design–boy, do we have opinions.

We’re also all the things you love about writers. We’re considerate and fun loving. We may not be as smart as we think we are, but we’re super curious, so we know at least a little bit about a lot of things. We’re not boring. We’re really passionate about our work.

And now we need to hire a graphic designer. So what do we look for? What do you need to work with us?

Vision. In a way, a graphic designer’s job is to pull something beautiful out of the air. You need to pair a headline and a little bit of body copy that’s not written with photo that doesn’t exist. Or is it an illustration? Can you see it?

Passion for the work. It’s not enough to see it. You also have to make it real. That could mean making it real yourself–or knowing people who can help you make it real. It could mean learning a new piece of software or production skill. A great designer is committed to delivering on the vision.

Taste. It’s almost undefinable. But great designers just know what sort of design is appropriate for their audiences and what sort of design is not.

Web chops. It’s 2011. You have to be able to design for the web.

Print chops. Print ain’t going anywhere for a long time. We believe great print design informs great web design, and vice-versa.

Thick skin. In creative businesses, we make lots of decisions that screw up your designs. Great graphic designers will always fight for what they think is right–but also understand that, although what we are doing is artistic, it is not art. When the client’s paying the bills, sometimes you have to roll with the punches.

Ideas. We assume you can make things pretty. We assume you can make messages powerful. But do you have ideas? Can you write headlines? Can you collaborate? Are you good at logos? A great graphic designer is more than a wrist. A great graphic designer has great ideas.

So…we’re looking. A couple of years of experience (or three or five) would be ideal. We’d consider a super-bright, super-talented, super-motivated recent grad. If you think you can put up with a bunch of writers, drop us a note and show us your stuff.