We won!

2 min read

I heard some podcasters chattering a couple of weeks ago about the Grammys—about how we all tend to poo-poo the Grammy Awards until someone we like wins one. Then they’re some sort of validation that we loved the Arcade Fire before the Arcade Fire was cool.

Same in advertising. Every ad agency in the universe is careful to say, “you know, it’s really not about winning awards.” Just in case they don’t win any.

And it’s true: awards are the very last things on our minds when we’re doing our work. We’re trying to do the best, smartest, most effective work we can for our clients, at every turn. Most of the stuff we do—most of the stuff everybody does—has no chance of winning awards.

But sometimes you win. And last night, we won.

We won a Silver Addy for our SEND annual report (which we’ll post soon so you can see it in all its glory), written by Steve Nowak and designed by Josie Jeffries. We also were part of the winning team for St.Vincent: a Silver Addy for our “Passion for Extraordinary Heart Care” videoand a Gold Addy—the only one awarded in the Local Television category—for the :60 version of that spot.

Congratulations and thanks to our agency partners at St. Claire Group…our amazing art director Curt Chuvalas…our never-say-die producer Mark Carrel…the great folks at Thomas Productions, UMotion, Scofield Editorial, Earshot Audio-Post, and Ripple FX, and all the cast and crew…

…and, of course, our friend and client Beth Cisco and her entire team at St.Vincent. It takes more than smarts to agree to do work like this. It takes vision. And it takes guts.

Chances are really good that the Addy Awards will go back to being stupid next year. This year, they’re awesome.