Baby, You’ve Arrived

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Baby, You’ve Arrived from Well Done Marketing on Vimeo.

One of the biggest problems you have when you write television commercials is that there are all those other people standing between you and your vision. The TV spot, as it existed in your head, has to be produced with the help of directors and engineers and actors, with clients and partners adding their notes throughout the process. There are so many steps, so many variables, it’s a wonder anything ever works out the way you envisioned.

So when everything comes together in a way that makes your original vision look positively visionary, it’s cause for celebration. We admit to have conceived and written this spot for the new maternity suites at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital and their Monogram Maternity program. But we have to share credit for the way it turned out with our partners at St. Claire Group, our excellent producer Mark Carrel, the good folks at Road Pictures, our friends at Scofield Editorial and Earshot Audio-Post, the fine actors we had the good sense to cast–and, of course, our excellent clients at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital andSt.Vincent Health–not to mention the team that designed and built those gorgeous new rooms. It’s rare when you can look at the final cut of a TV spot and say, “Yep. This is just what I was thinking.” But that’s exactly how we feel about this one.