The Business of Social Media

2 min read

It’s no secret that savvy social media marketing can do wonders for your business. Social media gets you connected with potential clients, allows you to share ideas with other bright minds in your field, and gives your brand a level of exposure that was impossible just a few years ago.  It’s a critical aspect of any modern business model, so get familiar—it’s here to stay.

These days, social media is the primary outlet for connecting your brand with the rest of the world. Networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin are ubiquitous. And, if you haven’t heard, these services are increasingly being used for business-to-business marketing, giving those companies in-the-know a forum in which to discuss, promote, and enhance their products and services, all the while increasing web presence and customer base.

“Gee,” you’re probably saying to yourself, “that sounds awesome, but how do I get started with my business?” Excellent question.

The key to building business relationships through social media is establishing quality connections through common goals and interests. It seems obvious, but businesses tend to overextend themselves in the realm of social media. They believe quantity is better than quality. Wrong. It’s all about quality.

A quality connection in the world of social media is one that’s symbiotic. It’s an ongoing, give-and-take relationship where ideas are constantly being bounced back and forth. And when your ideas get shared and discussed amongst your contemporaries, good things start to happen.

As your business delves deeper into social media, you’ll notice your brand exposure increasing, your business relationships becoming stronger, and, most important, your ideas garnering interest and input from other industry experts. If you want your business to grow and prosper, you’ve got to be interacting with the best and brightest minds out there. Guess what—those intelligent, dynamic individuals that can help your business thrive are all a part of social media.

So how do you establish quality relationships in social media? By being transparent, willing to share, and interesting. By teaching people, building trust, and being engaging. But also by being unique and personal. Give people something they can’t find anywhere else and there’s no doubt they’ll keep coming back.

Gone are the days of cold-calling, relentless mailers, and direct sponsorships to advance brand perception. More than ever, people get to pick and choose what media they see and interact with, so social media becomes the preferred tool for those businesses with a meaningful message. It engages a vibrant, diverse, active, and growing audience. It’s also cheap, easy, effective, and targets people that want to be targeted. Plus, it’s going to grow exponentially for years to come. Don’t be left in the proverbial dust—join the social media revolution today!

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