Feeling Good Post-Penguin

2 min read

Mid-April Google welcomed Penguin—its newest algorithm overhaul—to the infinite world of online search. Chaos ensued and scrappy, half-starved penguins devoured  all the SPAM—or something like that.

You’ve probably already heard about it, read a billion articles about it, and, if pressed into a corner, you’re confident that you could actually recreate the algorithm.

All to say that I’m not going to bother with telling you what happened (But I have no idea what Penguin is!), instead I’m going to take a brief moment to reflect on the glorious wonders of organic search and then give a quick update on the changes we witnessed among the websites we manage.

Organic search is honestly one of the coolest, most useful things in the whole freaking world of daily life.

You can’t remember anything but three words to a song? Google it. You don’t know your doctor’s phone number? Google it. You can’t figure out where you ate that one time when you were in Stockholm? Google it.

And, with so many mobile devices and free wi-fi networks, it’s like having an extra hard drive for your brain filled with all the stuff no one actually expects you to remember times five trillion things you don’t know about yet.

So, when any search engine updates or creates a new algorithm, the change is meant to make searching for the information you’re really looking for easier, faster, and increasingly relavant to your actual intended search.

Penguin isn’t a Google power trip. It’s a serious improvement to Google’s customer service, which means websites have got to own up to what they’re promising.

If you’ve got good content, trustworthy links, and a healthy, moderated approach to SEO, you’ve got nothing to worry about, and as more and more algorithmic updates rollout in the future, your site driven by well written and well produced content will continue to rise in the rankings.

As we carefully–if not meticulously–manage our linking and would rather watch this video on repeat for forever than write spammy content, not one of our sites took a hit from Penguin. High-fives all around!

Of course, organic search isn’t the only way to get users to your site and we think it’s important not to lay too many chips on any single traffic source. But the good news is that you can’t go wrong with accessible and relavant content. People search for that stuff, they link to it and share it with their buddies, and they come back for more. Content is king.