If you live in Central Indiana and you turn on the television, chances are you’ve seen our spots for Indy Connect, the local public transit initiative. We can’t get away from them.

Which was the whole idea. Kudos to Sean White of Aloft Strategies, who led this promotional effort. And thanks to our pals at Road Pictures, who asked us to get involved and develop these spots–and who did such a great job producing them.

We wrote and cut three versions–a general version for broadcast TV, and slightly different versions to appeal to our urban and suburban audiences on cable. You can check out all three spots below.

Then: go to Indy Connect Now¬†and sign the petition to get transit on the ballot so we can vote on whether we want to fund a more complete, connected, competitive transit system for the Indianapolis area. It’s a bipartisan effort that truly makes sense for everybody–and if Indy’s going to actually become the world-class city we keep talking about, we need it.