Matt_GonzalesOne of the reasons we started Punchnel’s going on two years ago is that we have so many writers at Well Done Marketing, and so many readers. Our appreciation for good writing led us to want to encourage it and reward it.

So we decided we’d solicit and buy the best stories people sent us from around the world. We publish short fiction, poetry, serialized novels, memoir, humor, creative nonfiction, reviews–and we try to keep our standards high. Sometimes, we push boundaries. Occasionally, we cross them. We want Punchnel’s to be smart and provocative and surprising, and we always want the writing to be impressive.

The other thing about Punchnel’s is that it gives our own writers a chance to shine. This morning’s edition of Punchnel’s features contributions from two WDM creative staffers: Matt Gonzales and Traci Cumbay.

Matt is an unapologetic Indiana Pacers fan, and has stuck with the team through the dark days. (If you don’t believe it, stop over and eavesdrop on the NBA chatter between Matt and Nick Honeywell. Or ask Megan Bennett. She gets an earful every day.) So Matt penned a love letter from the Pacers to their estranged fans, begging them to come back, baby. They’ve changed. This time, they mean it.

Traci’s piece is an accomplished bit of creative nonfiction: a story about listening to Andrew Bird with her Traci_Cumbayseven-year-old son, who’s going through a scary time in his life. “Fever Year” is a brave and beautiful story about persevering in the face of uncertainty–and, ultimately, about the meaning of life.

Which is, in a way, what all good storytelling is about.

We have new content up at Punchnel’s virtually every weekday. Come read us often. And if you think we should be publishing you, see our submission guidelines.