It’s Wednesday. Something must be new on Facebook.

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By Megan Bennett, owner and president of SociallyAcceptable 

Megan Bennett | Writer/Producer | Well Done MarketingReady for more change? Sorry. It’s already happened.

Today Facebook rolled out the ability for managers of business pages to target their individual posts to specific segments of their fan base. And, if that wasn’t tricky enough, they can also ensure that those posts are only seen on their own wall by a specific group of people visiting their page.

Say what?

Think of it this way: you’re a company that makes fan apparel for college teams. You make both IU and Purdue baseball caps. You can now target your posts to only appear to IU or Purdue fans. This opens up your ability to say things like, “We’re wearing our stripes this week for the Hoosiers! Good luck in the Sweet 16!” and not offend every gold and black loving fan that follows your page.

Of course, those Purdue fans could also end up on your page looking for coupons or contact information and come across your pro-Hoosiers post and feel a bit put off. But, if you also make that post on your page available only to people that live in say, Bloomington, you’ll likely have fewer hurt feelings.

Targeted posts have a lot of excellent possibilities and savvy marketers will quickly learn the power homing in on their audience using this new tool.

Learn more about this brand new feature here.