Watch for Indiana to become a petri dish, but in a good way—”a petri dish of innovation that will improve upon the health of the world.”

As President and CEO of Indiana University Health Daniel Evans says in a video we helped produce, that’s the net effect of Indiana Biosciences Research Institute. The effort increases intellectual and economic resources by banding several major biosciences corporations and research universities in a unique venture—a “better together” approach that hasn’t typically been part of research endeavors.

Full of corporate heavy hitters—Dow AgroSciences, Eli Lilly and Company, Cook Medical, Biomet, Indiana University Health, and Roche Diagnostics—the project came together with support from BioCrossroads and Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

We got all those minds in a room to tell the story. Working with Laura Miller Communications, Settimi Creative, and Road Pictures, we wrote and produced a video showcasing the effort that stands to bring significant advances in healthcare.

Indiana Biosciences Research Institute from Road Pictures on Vimeo.