Entry-Level Content Specialist. Big-Time Opportunity.

1 min read

Let’s don’t beat around the bush: Well Done Marketing is looking for an entry-level content specialist. That means we’re paying an entry-level salary, and we have entry-level work. Lots of website updating. A little copywriting and producing. Probably some errands.

But the last three people we’ve had in this position have graduated to bigger and better things at our company. A little website updating. Lots of copywriting and producing. Much better salary. (And no errands.) Our ideal candidate will:

  • Have excellent (we mean excellent) writing and editing skills.
  • Be an excellent proofreader and a stickler for details.
  • Know how to use the WordPress content management system (not a requirement, but nice if you do).
  • Know your way around a still camera, a video camera, and editing software (again–not a deal breaker. But a deal enhancer, for sure).
  • Be happy working alone and capable of collaborating on big projects for important clients.
  • Enjoy working with quirky, ofttimes hilarious people.

Are we open to considering talented, beyond-entry-level writers for this position? To a point, yes. We’d consider talking with writers with a couple of years’ experience, or more experienced writers who may be new to marketing and advertising. But we’re really looking for a beginning content specialist who wants to learn the ropes in one of Indianapolis’s fastest-growing marketing companies.

If this sounds like you, we want to see you, pronto. Please send your resume to info@welldonemarketing.com.