Getting the party started right

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Peyton Manning is pretty good at throwing the football under pressure. But what about acting under pressure?

Turns out, he’s pretty good at that, too.

As the namesake of Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent, Manning, along with his wife, Ashley, was an honorary co-chair of this year’s Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St.Vincent Celebration of Caring Gala. The event is a major fundraiser for the hospital and a huge party—country star Luke Bryan provided the entertainment this year.

The hospital asked us to write and produce a short video to be shown at the opening of the Gala. The purpose: to honor the Gala’s sponsors and set a fun, upbeat tone for the remainder of the evening.

We hoped to include Peyton in the video, but we wouldn’t know his availability until the last minute. So we wrote two scripts: one that featured Peyton, and one that didn’t. Working with Mays Entertainment, we shot the Peyton-less script first. When Peyton’s people told us he would make it after all, we worked lightning-fast to shoot the alternate ending. Peyton was gracious and funny as always, even ad-libbing one of the video’s funniest lines.

PMCH 2013 | GALA OPEN FINAL from Mays Entertainment, Co. on Vimeo.