ENG118_300x250_Brand_050613_02When the Engledow Group began working with us, the 80-year-old landscape firm was worried that many consumers weren’t fully aware of their offerings, which includes everything from interior plant services to event planning and management. They wanted us to help them get their whole story out in a way that would get attention.

We developed new positioning and messaging for Engledow, and built a website designed to help them launch an aggressive content marketing campaign. We also wrote a new tagline to bring their enthusiasm for horticulture and landscape design front and center: “We speak green.”

Then we helped Engledow develop a new online ad campaign. We conceived, wrote and designed 12 ads in all: one to promote brand awareness, and 11 more for each of Engledow’s service lines. Each ad re-purposes a famous movie quote, applying it to a service the company provides. For example, “Nobody puts bamboo in a corner (except when it looks really great there),” promotes Engledow’s interior plant services.

The result is a campaign that stands apart from typical landscape company advertising while boldly positioning Engledow as a company that, though old in years, is young at heart and prepared to meet their clients’ challenges with zeal and intelligence.