Facebook’s Graph Search is out in the world, bringing exponential growth to the possibilities for connection—and the requisite Facebook paranoia to those not fully committed to their own acts of narcissism.

The selling point straight from Zuckerberg is that you can get customized results to your queries about restaurants, hiking spots, movies, dentists, and so on. If your friends like it, it’s going to pop up in your search. And you like what your friends like, don’t you?

It’s crowdsourcing without the bother of interaction. If you’re heading to Boston, you can survey the likes of your Boston friends. Maybe instead you want to find a new gym or choose a novel; go ahead and pick your friends’ brains without their synapses ever firing in response.

Playing around with Graph Search here at the office, we went straight to its slightly tawdrier application: matchmaking. “Singles who live in Indianapolis and like giving back rubs.” “People who like bourbon and CrossFit.”

(In this application, Facebook’s leap forward is really a step back to its roots as a tool for answering important questions like “Is that girl in my chemistry class single?” and “Who could introduce me?”)

As I called out search-term combos to Ken, I kept showing up first in his search results, which I guess means it works. And that I should date me?

“Single males who like Black Market and David Bowie” turned up my best prospect. He plays the drums and likes to cook. I know we’ll be very happy together. Maybe we’ll cohabit, get a dog, and sort together through newsfeed ads for flooring, couples counseling, and dog trainers.