Front End Developers: Crash Here. Literally.

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1920361_10152702944349382_7145850800013760291_nThis past weekend, a truck rammed into our office and knocked out a wall. Rumor has it the driver was a web developer who was so excited about the possibility of coming to work at Well Done Marketing that he couldn’t wait for Monday morning to get us his resume.

This is not true. At least, we don’t think it’s true. We’re not totally sure. We haven’t seen the police report yet.

In any case, we didn’t find any resumes in the rubble.

It is true that we’re growing like mad and need to hire a developer. We’re looking for a front end developer with several years’ experience: someone who knows HTML and Javascript and CSS, and has an aptitude for manipulating PHP and other server-side languages. Experience with WordPress and building responsive websites is a big plus.

In exchange for your talent and your hard work, you’ll receive an excellent salary and benefits. More important, you’ll get to associate with a bunch of nice, equally hard-working people who have also be known to play hard and do lots of interesting stuff in our community–from our fully insured offices in the heart of Beautiful Fountain Square. And you’ll hardly ever have to sweep up brick dust or pick shards of glass out of your work area.

Sound exciting? We think so, too. But, for the love of pete, don’t rush your resume over here. Email is plenty fast. Send it to

PS: We learned last week that “literally” now literally means “figuratively.” Which is how we meant it in our headline. Good heavens. We don’t really want you to crash into our building. We don’t really want you sleeping here, either. We mean it figuratively. As in “literally.”