Nerd paradise.

Nerd paradise.

Dear Nerds,

How are you? Hope the term “nerd” doesn’t offend you. We’re nerds, too, just about different things. Lots of us are writing nerds. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard us deconstruct David Foster Wallace. (We don’t know what account service nerds geek out on. Maybe databases. Or flip charts. We don’t know.)

Anyhow: We’re looking for a digital analyst/strategist. Someone who knows Google Adwords and Analytics and SEO and social media and can help us use all the great data we gather to make smart recommendations to our clients. You don’t have to know how to write code, but you have to know what’s possible–and what’s coming next.

Ideally, you’d have two to five years of experience doing this sort of thing. You should be comfortable doing your nerd thing and meeting with vice presidents of marketing. You should want to hang out in Beautiful Fountain Square with a bunch of smart, nice people who work together in an ad agency doing great work for interesting clients.

In return, we’ll pay you well and give you benefits, blah blah blah, etc. You’ll have to talk with our HR nerds to get all the details.

Interested? Send your resume to

And if you’re reading this and you’re not a digital marketing nerd, you might consider sending this to any digital marketing nerd friends you may have.

But do it today. Because we’re going to hire a digital marketing nerd really soon. It’s the one kind of nerd we really need right now.


Well Done Marketing