Engledow Celebrates National Indoor Plant Week

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NIPWIndoor plants have a lot of benefits beyond simply looking good. That’s one of the reasons why Engledow Group—a large Central Indiana landscape and plant care firm, as well as a Well Done Marketing client—celebrates National Indoor Plant Week each year.

On Wednesday, September 17th, on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis, Engledow employees handed out 3,000 Lemon-Lime Warneckii plants to educate the general public on the many health, wellness, and workplace benefits that plants provide. There are tangible benefits, like the way they improve air quality by filtering particulates and reducing off-gassing levels of harmful chemicals. There’s also the reduced absenteeism that results from being able to breath more easily in the workplace.

And there are less tangible, but no less important, psychological benefits. Plants act as natural barriers to reduce noise and distractions. They create a positive first impression with visitors, and they improve productivity and employee morale. Most importantly, at least around here, they spur creativity. I’ve even seen some of our creatives singing to their plants. (Or maybe they’re just very unselfconscious and are singing to themselves. Either way, the plants seem to be good for their souls.)

Through three years of participation in National Indoor Plant Week, Engledow has continued to elevate their presence significantly throughout the Indianapolis community. This is evidenced by an increase in earned media from year-to-year (here and here) and by simply taking a quick look at website analytics. For the day of the event, overall website traffic for Engledow was up more than 200% in 2013 and more than 185% in 2012, compared to that same day the previous week. For this year’s event, overall traffic was up nearly 200% over the same day the week prior. And those are just the results we can measure.

Well Done Marketing has helped Engledow with this event in varying capacities over the years, from brainstorming ideas to planning the event, developing collateral, writing and distributing press releases, producing web videos, and more.

National Indoor Plant Week is a grassroots effort that was established to raise awareness of the many benefits that indoor plants provide. For a company that’s invested in the plant industry, it’s the perfect opportunity for Engledow to share their passion for plants with the Indianapolis community.

Free plants and a better work environment? It doesn’t get much better than that!