Big Changes for a World-Changing Nonprofit

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Click above to view the new CICF website.

CICF exists to change the world—the part of it with a 317 area code, anyway.

Founded initially as a marriage between the Indianapolis Foundation and the Legacy Fund of Hamilton County, Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) has more than $700 million in assets under management. Its primary goal, in a nutshell, is to lead the way in making Central Indiana a better place.

In the recent past, CICF’s most visible work has been the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick—a CICF-powered project from vision to completion. CICF also heads up a number of other community initiatives, from education programs to get kids ready for college to services that help people with economic disadvantages achieve self-sufficiency.

Also, CICF helps ambitious philanthropists do world-changing work. A number of generous philanthropic families already have funds with CICF, which plays a key role in helping those families manage their funds and distribute grants.

In short, CICF does inspiring things—we were certainly inspired by them as we worked on the new campaign and website you see here.

CICF_BeTheLight CICF_BeThePath CICFBeTheBrush

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In creating these materials, our goal was to get other people excited, too. More specifically, we wanted to tell local philanthropists about how CICF is the one local organization that can truly help them change the world.

That’s why we’ve used beautiful—and often emotional—photography shot by Larry Ladig to demonstrate how CICF is making our community a better, more beautiful place. We’re inviting our audience to be a part of the change.

CICF is fast approaching a milestone year: The 100th anniversary of The Indianapolis Foundation and the 25th anniversary of The Legacy Fund are both in 2016, and we’re working with CICF on a variety of additional projects to commemorate it. Although we’re not at liberty to talk about any of them just yet, you can be assured that, like everything CICF does, they will be exciting.