Kittle’s Asked Us for Something Different. But We Never Thought They’d Let Us Do This.

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IMG_0907If you live in Indiana or Ohio, you’ve probably heard of Kittle’s Furniture. Kittle’s has been around for more than 80 years and is one of the largest furniture retailers in the Midwest.

Kittle’s is a strong brand with a long history of success, but it’s not without its challenges. The company had research that showed that they owned the top-of-line furniture market–but that young people looking for less-expensive, stylish furniture didn’t think of them.

In truth, Kittle’s has plenty to offer younger customers: cool, comfortable, contemporary furniture that’s better-made than similarly priced furniture at other stores. They also have great financing options for customers with bad credit or no credit.

The question is, how do you use advertising to get young customers to consider a brand that they’ve written off as not for them?

Kittle’s most recent ad campaign, featuring interior designer Angelo Surmelis as a spokesperson, IMG_0935was tasteful and well executed, but it did nothing to command young people’s attention. So this time around, Kittle’s wanted to do something radical. Something that was clearly not targeted at their established older customers.

So they called us.

As with most TV campaign presentations, we pitched several ideas, which ranged in tone from the sublime to the ridiculous (all of which met the basic messaging guidelines. Of course.). We’d have been happy to produce any of them.

Usually, we develop the “ridiculous” idea because there’s some creative satisfaction in just elevating a far-out idea into the conversation about what a client could do. In truth, the ridiculous ideas are the ones that stand out from undifferentiated mass of most advertising. But clients usually won’t go all the way to ridiculous.

This time, they did.

We could tell you all about it in words, but better just to let you watch the spots we wrote and produced with the help of Mays Entertainment. This was a team creative effort; it felt as if everyone in our shop had a hand in this project, and we entertained ourselves for weeks posing dolls in compromising positions.

And thanks to the folks at Kittle’s for trusting our weird vision. It’s rare that ads you produce bear so much resemblance to the ads you pitched. That means you have a great client.

Dollrymples from Well Done Marketing on Vimeo.

Killer View from Well Done Marketing on Vimeo.

Mother & Mitchell from Well Done Marketing on Vimeo.

No Credit from Well Done Marketing on Vimeo.