Goin’ Outside IN with TED

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Well Done was a proud presenting sponsor yet again of last week’s TEDxIndianapolis. I could tell you about the graphic design work that we contributed, the website we developed, or the blogs we wrote.

But really, it was the day of the event itself that was fascinating.  The theme “Get Outside IN” led to many creative interpretations.

IPL’s Big Red X

The initial thrill came when I walked toward the Circle that morning and saw the IPL building was lit up with a big red X. The Hilbert Circle Theatre was abuzz with so many cool folks getting things ready for the 1,000+ attendees who were about to walk in the door. To have played a small role in all of that made me very happy.

By all accounts, the day went off without a hitch. The highlights for me were definitely Neelay Bhatt, the musical performances, and getting to connect with so many interesting members of our community.

Neelay Bhatt shared a variety of multi-cultural experiences and the importance of bridging language and other gaps to build community. His message of “Do not only be human, also be humane. Take one extra step toward each other. Say hello.” was the perfect way to kick off the day. (You can learn more about him from his WFYI Interview.)

TEDxIndianapolis featured a wide variety of musical performances curated by popular DJ Kyle Long. Any time you can experience the energy of Time for Three is a major treat. But, holy cow…who would have thought that a group called Sweet Poison Victim would be so amazing? They had me dancing in front of my seat and cheering for more. (I wonder if they’d play my wedding?)

As an enthusiastic but sometimes socially awkward extravert, crowds like TEDxIndianapolis’s are interesting to traverse. I become awestruck at the diversity and the energy. And I’m so inspired to see so many people connecting and sharing. We live in a great city full of inspiring and creative people, and I’m so grateful to have spent the day with so many of them in one place.

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To see more highlights from the day, check out @tedxind or #tedxind on Twitter.