Tonic is Coming! Tonic is Coming!

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Tonic! Holy cow, Tonic! It’s no secret that Tonic Ball is my favorite night in this city. As a girl whose days of standing in front of loud stages listening to rock music into the wee hours have waned a bit (ok…a lot), Tonic Ball is my one night a year to really go for it. Sequins, boots, dancing with my friends, and even seeing the other side of midnight. It’s a really big deal.

Our own Ken Honeywell, founder of Tonic Ball in 2013.
Our own Ken Honeywell, founder of Tonic Ball in 2013.

In case you’re someone who has no idea what I’m talking about, Tonic Ball is an event that was started 13 years ago by our own fabulous Ken Honeywell. Each year loads of bands come down to Fountain Square to play two cover songs from a predetermined artist at different venues. On November 21, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Velvet Underground, and Fleetwood Mac music will draw fans to Radio Radio, White Rabbit Cabaret, Fountain Square Theatre, and The HiFi. Check out the full schedule. (Don’t miss our own Brian Deer at 10:40—right after Ken and Brian’s new band, Bomb Dylan at 10:20, both at Radio Radio!)

Though, I’ll admit my favorite years probably involved the likes of Prince, Madonna, and the Beatles, the venues are always full of excitement no matter who’s being covered.

To add to the awesomeness this year, Tonic chairman (and Bomb Dylan guitarist/vocalist) Matt Mays developed a promo video featuring the Leisure Kings’ Mike Wiltrout spoofing famous Indianapolis commercials. Trust me. It’s hilarious.

TONIC BALL 13 from Mays Entertainment, Co. on Vimeo.

The bad news: Tonic Ball always sells out. And it already has for this year. That doesn’t mean that you couldn’t score a ticket that night from someone whose friend didn’t show up, so it’s worth a shot.

The good news: You can come hang out at our place the week before. As a complement to Tonic Ball, Tonic Gallery has taken a few different forms over the years. On November 14, we’ll be hosting in our office. You should come on down for a fun night in Fountain Square and see pieces by local artists to be sold in silent auction.

It's me! At Tonic Gallery 2008 or so.
It’s me! At Tonic Gallery 2008 or so.

Since you’re already planning on coming to our neighborhood on November 14 and/or 21, you’re likely planning to eat a bit before the festivities. You’ve come to the right place. Between Fletcher Place and Fountain Square, you can’t go wrong. Most of my favorite restaurants are in this area, and it’s so great to be within walking distance of them every day.

I recommend hitting Santorini, Siam Square, La Margarita, End of the Line Public House, or Naisa for some good food to fill you up. You can start the party with some great drinks at Thunderbird or Fountain Square Brewery. Or you can load up on caffeine at Calvin Fletcher Coffee if that’s more your speed. And I’ve only scratched the surface of great places to eat and drink. You really can’t go wrong.

And the most important part about all things Tonic? All proceeds help our friends at Second Helpings do what they do best—rescue food and feed it to people in need.

Enjoy Tonic Gallery and Tonic Ball this year. We’ll see you around Fountain Square!