We Had a Great 2014. Here’s Why Next Year Will Be Even Better.

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CICF_BeThePathWhat a year it’s been. Sure, in some ways, a year is just a number, or a number of numbers: 365 days, ten thousand (or so) cups of coffee, 584 million miles around the sun. But before you object that this highly caffeinated orbital journey has put us right back where we started, a few points to keep in mind about how things at Well Done have changed. We’re a different, better agency than we were this time last year. And we’re proud enough to take this occasion to toot our New Year’s horn.

We’re Bolder

We’ve done a lot of exciting work in 2014: from a sleek, responsive website and inspiring print ads for Central Indiana Community Foundation, to a bright new name and look, and a website to match, for Early Learning Indiana (formerly known as Day Nursery). We cooked up suave, short radio spots for the Kansas City Steak Company and playful TV ads for Kittle’s furniture.

Dollrymples from Well Done Marketing on Vimeo.

We’re Larger

Though not actually large. We still like to think ourselves as lean and nice. But with so many great clients and so much interesting, challenging work, we’ve had to grow to keep up. We’ve added a couple of new account executives, several new web developers and and a web strategist, and a new writer, too. And we’re looking to grow even more, very soon. See here and here for starters.

We’re Smarter

What’s the difference between a good idea and a great idea? The answer used to be bacon; now it’s kale, or maybe ginger. The point is, it’s essential to be aware of current best practices, new developments, and changes in behavior. Especially when it comes to technology, where keeping up can be the difference between making an impact and disappearing altogether. Case in point: mobile-friendly websites. Case in point: your SEO strategy.

But as much as we’re on top of the latest, we know we have to work to stay there. We read. We attend talks and workshops. We network. We listen to our clients. We keep our ear to the ground.

All of this is not to discount the age-old importance of connnecting to your audience with a meaningful message. We’ve got that covered, too. Because while the parallax scrolling on the website below may look pretty state-of-the-art, it’s the organization behind the website that is truly forward looking. That’s the story we want to tell.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28

We’re an Ad Agency

When you do so many things so well, it doesn’t make sense to specialize in just one of them. So this was the year we decided, officially, to be what we’ve always thought we were anyway: a combination “marketing consulting and creative services and production and copywriting and design and web development” agency. An ad agency. Sorry, Mom.

1920361_10152702944349382_7145850800013760291_nOh, Yeah. And…

You may have heard we got a new front door. You can insert the free-parking joke of your choice right here, but a bit of fresh air never hurt anybody. At any rate, it’s finished, and we’re open. Come see what we’ll be up to in 2015.