In honor of our ten-year anniversary, we reached out to some of our favorite clients, friends, and partners to see what they had to say about this organization, which was once but a twinkle in Ken Honeywell’s eye, making it to its tin anniversary.

Michael Huber
President & CEO, Indy Chamber

I’ve been a client of Well Done on multiple occasions, through my work with LISC, Indy Connect, and others. I’ve always enjoyed working with them and their work is of the highest quality. In my experience, they’re versatile, edgy, and often irreverent…just like Ken.

Brian Payne
President and CEO, Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF)

We at CICF put a huge value and premium on creativity. Well Done Marketing through Ken Honeywell and his team are important creative assets for Indianapolis and for our work at CICF. Whether it’s Ken’s co-founding of Tonic Ball (with his lovely wife and CICF staff member, Becky) or his blogs and tweets or the firm’s smart and clever creative work on behalf of clients, Well Done makes our city a more creative one. We look forward to the creative output and impact over the next ten years!

Sherry Seiwert
President, Downtown Indy

Ken and crew, thanks for the eager leadership you’ve shown and for being early adopters in making our downtown stronger, and for helping to write the narrative of our authentic urbanism. We also appreciate what great advocates you’ve been for Fountain Square. Congratulations on a successful ten years

Ted Maple
President and CEO, Early Learning Indiana

Well Done Marketing gets us. They get our business, they get our people, and they get our mission. Working with them has been rewarding, reaffirming, and just plain terrific. Ken Honeywell and his team provided just what we needed during a time of transition and growth. When we bravely endeavored to change our name after 115 years, Well Done held our hands, led us through the scary parts, cheered us on when we needed it, and supported us with the very tools we needed to be successful. We are so proud of the work we accomplished together.

Jeb Banner
CEO/Co-Founder, SmallBox

There are very few people I respect more than Ken Honeywell. His commitment to the community has been a shining example I’ve tried my best to follow. Ken is wicked smart, funny, wise and generous. Sure, we compete sometimes for business but I know in the end we are on the same team. Congrats to Ken and Well Done on ten years of awesomeness!

Darcey Palmer-Shultz
Chief Executive Officer, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana

What we love most about working with Well Done is knowing that we’re working with really good people who care a lot about our organization and our community. It’s really meaningful to feel like you have a partner who values your team and actually cares about what your organization is trying to accomplish beyond a set of business goals. In every meeting and conversation, you sense that Ken and the Well Done team see the big picture. They really are invested in making this community a great place to live, and I think that’s a testament to the people who make up Well Done.

Bill Taft
Executive Director, LISC Indianapolis

I think I was Well Done’s first client while at Southeast Neighborhood Development, and I am proud to have been part of launching such a creative and community-rooted business.  Through this decade Well Done has become the voice of community development in Indianapolis, helping community schools, CDCs, and human service groups clearly and compellingly communicate their work to new audiences. I think Ken Honeywell has the rare gift of turning insider jargon into stories that people respond to.

Scott Johnson
Creative Director, Axiomport

Ken and I have worked together and been great friends for twenty-some years and he still amazes me on a regular basis. He’s smart, kind, and forthright in everything he does: as a friend, colleague, competitor, partner, writer, social advocate, and music fanatic. Congratulations to Ken and everyone at Well Done for ten years of awesomeness, keep doing it well!

Tom Dunmore
Senior Vice-President of Marketing & Operations, Indy Eleven

Working with Well Done is a breath of fresh air: The creative energy from Ken Honeywell produces a zest that makes projects fun to collaborate on with superb results. Here’s to ten more years of Well Done Marketing!

Dave Strietelmeier
Sales Manager, Koorsen Fire & Security

What I like about Well Done Marketing is their ability to be very creative yet at the same time they always exhibit tremendous professionalism. Ken Honeywell is the best at being responsive to Koorsen’s needs. Congratulations to them on their tenth anniversary. They should be proud for reaching such a wonderful milestone!

David Harris
Foundation and CEO, The Mind Trust

Well Done Marketing has been an important partner to The Mind Trust and our work to give every Indianapolis student access to a high-quality school. We send our best wishes to Well Done for ten years of great work and service in our city.

Matt Mays
Owner, Mays Entertainment

Ken Honeywell is really smart and really cool. He’s also a fantastic writer. Because of this, he attracts like-minded folks who want to help him do good things. It’s no accident that WDM has grown the way it has. They’re a crew of crazy-talented folks with great hair and even better creative chops. It has been a privilege to be a part of the extended Well Done family for the past decade.

Peter Wilt
President and General Manager, Indy Eleven

Indy Eleven isn’t your typical sports property, so we needed an out of the box agency with creative leadership to help shape the team’s brand in Indianapolis. Well Done Marketing and Ken Honeywell fit the bill perfectly and were an important part of one of the most successful professional soccer team launches in American history. We are grateful for their support.

Jenn Hoffman
President, Pivot Marketing

Congrats on 10 years! Our agencies are less than a year apart; like Irish twins. (I can say that because I’m Irish…and Catholic.) Ken, you are witty, and kind, and so gracious. And, your whole team follows suit. We lucked out in the neighbor department. Thanks for letting us share the square with you.