Meet Our Clients: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana

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Sometimes it’s the organizations most deserving of attention that are also least likely to promote themselves. That’s where we come in. We find lots to shout about when it comes to clients like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana—even if they don’t see it that way at first.

“We’ve benefitted most from Well Done giving us permission to be more confident in stating the impact and benefit of our program to the community,” said Darcey Palmer-Shultz, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana. “We’re an organization that’s always reflective and looking to get better, so sometimes we lack the confidence to celebrate the great things we’re accomplishing. It’s nice to have an outside party tell us we should be proud of the good things we’ve done.”

It’s not just a matter of making clients feel good—it’s about making sure our clients recognize their own strengths and know how to communicate their core messages.

“For a nonprofit organization, marketing budgets tend to be small,” Palmer-Shultz said, “so we needed to have a real sense of what we were trying to accomplish. Finding the right partner to do that with was important. For us, a good personality fit is important. Our staff is a little more opinionated and more deeply involved in these processes, and having Well Done as a partner has been very beneficial for us. They add value and professional expertise, and that always shines from the ideas and suggestions that come forward. They also have the flexibility to listen and try ideas that really resonate with us. It’s been a two-way street.”

This relationship has grown and evolved over the course of two years, leading to Well Done’s involvement in helping BBBSCI craft their key messages.

“One of our later, larger projects was to clarify our agency’s overall key messages, and to get everyone on the same page,” said Palmer-Shultz. “That was really helpful and created a foundation that we’ve been able to work from in the other pieces we’ve done. That includes everything form overhauling our major agency event materials to overhauling our core marketing collateral pieces, including brochures and annual reports.”

Establishing that solid foundation has also helped with fundraising efforts.

“That foundational messaging work is really where it all starts,” said Palmer-Shultz. “There have been times we needed specific campaign messages for individual fundraising initiatives, but those grow out of having that solid foundation.”

Creating a solid foundation isn’t just important to marketing campaigns—it’s also a key to establishing lasting relationships between our agency and our clients. At Well Done, we create that foundation by establishing trust and demonstrating our genuine concern.

“There’s no ego,” said Palmer-Shultz, “even though there’s a willingness to state a professional recommendation. The team at Well Done cares about not just what we do as a client, but what we do in the community.”