Well, hi there.

We couldn’t help but notice you there, reading our website. We’re guessing you’ve looked at our work, too. Maybe even clicked on a few headshots. It’s possible we’re misreading things, but we think you might be into us.

But maybe you’re also feeling a little conflicted. Maybe you’ve never worked with a full-service advertising agency before, and that makes you nervous. Or maybe you have, and that makes you more nervous. Or maybe you’re just not sure how this whole thing works.

There’s no shame in that. Ad agencies are terrible at explaining how they work with clients. They just throw up a fancy website, say a bunch of vague stuff about branding, show off some client work, and wait for the prospects to come rolling in. Meanwhile, said prospects are huddled over by the punchbowl, wishing that ad agency would stop putting on airs and just, you know, come over and talk to them.

That’s what we’re doing now: Talking to you. Because if you’re the right kind of client, we may want to build a relationship with you based on trust, mutual respect, and a shared love of spicy margaritas and tater tots. Here’s what to do if you’re interested in getting to first base with us.

  1. Establish contact. Don’t be shy. Just pick up the phone and give us a call. Or email Andy, our Director of Business Development. Helping bring new clients aboard is a big part of his job, and he can give you a quick, easy-to-understand rundown of what we’re about. He’ll gladly meet you for a coffee, a beer, or a glass of chilled cucumber water, if that’s more your speed.
  1. Meet our team. Feel a spark of chemistry during that initial meeting? Then let us introduce you the rest of our team. Schedule a time to visit our office and meet with staff members who can answer more specific questions about our approach and processes. Most important, see if you like us. If it turns out we’re not your cup of tea, just slink over to the tequila bar next door.
  1. Tell us your business goals. You may be considering hiring an agency because you need help completing a TV spot, a capital campaign, a new website, or another one-off project. We can help you with those things, but we do our best work as a full-fledged strategic marketing partner. Our clients who depend on us to diagnose and solve their business challenges are invariably our most successful ones.
  1. Make the relationship official. No relationship can work without a commitment. So once we agree that we want to take things to the next level, we’ll write up a proposal for your review. It’s a simple process that defines the terms of our relationship, as well as deliverables, deadlines, price, and other essential information in a clear, straightforward way. It’s a formality, but a very important one.
  1. Let us dig in. Let us launch a research and discovery process. This is where we do a deep dive to figure out what you, your employees, your current and former customers, and other audiences think about you. Then we develop comprehensive positioning and messaging based on that research, which will serve as a blueprint, bible, and roadmap for everything we do moving forward. This isn’t an essential step for every client, but it’s a strongly recommended one.
  1. Let’s do amazing work. We say “let’s” because we don’t ask our clients to get out of the way and let us be brilliant. We know you have great value to contribute to the process. Along the way, an account executive will support your project and be your advocate to our staff. You’ll also be able to communicate freely with everyone else on our team as needed. And we’ll monitor, measure, and refine everything we do, with an eye toward constant improvement.

Is it really that simple? For the most part, yes. So stop standing by the punch bowl and give us a call. And if you come in to visit and things get awkward, don’t worry—tequila.