Here at Well Done, we’ve been hard at work on search marketing campaigns for our clients for some time now, because we really believe in the power of search. Think about how much your life has changed since search engines gained prevalence in your day-to-day. I’m starting to feel like a broken record, but there’s nothing you needto learn, to do, to navigate, to eat, to buythat you can’t find on Google. Search has changed the way we live and interact with the world and with each other.

Google uses the term micro-moments for all those times you’re in a pinch and turn to search engines for help.

How on earth do I braid my daughter’s hair? You’ll find hundreds of thousands of video tutorials on YouTube.

Hair braid search results


This vacuum looks good at the store, but what about user reviews? Just go ahead and Google that thing, and you’ll gain firsthand insights from hundreds of others who have bought it.

Dyson search results


I’m starting to get hangry. Where can I get a cheeseburger around here? Google will even tell you how to get there and whether it’s open right now.

Fountain Square burgers search results


Pipes burst. Where can I find a good plumber in my area? You’ll get location, user reviews, and websites, all in one fell swoop.

Indy plumber search results


If you clicked on those links and you don’t have AdBlock turned on, you may have noticed there were ads for three out of four of those queries. While people tend to trust organic search results the most (myself included), there’s a lot of power in the enormous visibility that comes with those search ads.

It’s because of that visibility, which is brought to you by Google, that we think there’s a lot of value in search advertisingin actually showing up at the exact moment your audience needs you the most. It’s why we’ve invested in AdWords campaigns for our clients, and in making our digital strategy team as smart as it can be at search marketing.

So I’m proud to announce that after loads of AdWords campaign management and a fair number of timed exams, Well Done is an official Google Partner.

What does this mean? Well, here’s the criteria Google outlines for its partners:

  1. Maintain active AdWords campaigns for 90 days.
  2. Manage at least $10,000 in AdWords spend over three months.
  3. Meet performance and customer care best practices.
  4. Pass certification exams for Google Analytics, Adwords Fundamentals, and one other AdWords-based advertising platform (search, display, mobile, video, or shopping).

In other words, it means we’ve received Google’s stamp of approval: We’re running successful AdWords campaigns with happy customers, and we demonstrate Google best practices throughout our campaigns. We’ve earned certifications in Analytics, Search Advertising, and Display Advertising. And it turns out, we’re one of only twelve ad agencies in Indianapolis who have earned Google Partner status.

We work hard and think strategically for all of our clients, in all of our projects, but there isn’t a certificate for high-quality positioning and messaging. Digital advertising gives us the ability to measure our success and failure, which is helpful for steering our campaigns in the right direction, or letting us know when we’ve been successful.

So when you turn to Google to find a marketing agency in Indianapolis, not only will you find us at the top of the organic results, you’ll also find us behind that Google Partners ad in the top right.

Marketing agency Indianapolis search results