Well Done + Gracie = A Whole New Thing, Baby

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Greg (not bad) and Monroe (perfect).
Greg (not bad) and Monroe (perfect).

Near the end of last summer, our friend, colleague, and vice president of accounts Beth Jenkins left Well Done to spend at least a few years being a mom. We were sad to lose her—but happy for Beth and Greg and looked forward to our future as honorary godparents. (More likely crazy old aunts and uncles.)

Well. Last week, it happened. Monroe Louise Jenkins was born on the morning of November 11, and she is perfect.

The blessed event coincided pretty closely with our own big news: Well Done has merged with Gracie Communications, a 10-year-old strategic communications and public relations firm founded by Lisa Sirkin Vielee.

I’ve long admired Lisa as a strategist and a consummate PR pro, and Well Done was looking for someone who could lead our strategy and account service teams to new heights. The fact that she could also bring a couple of excellent people—our new Director of Public Relations Christy Glesing and Account Coordinator Logan Charlesworth—made this opportunity too good to ignore.

Oh—and Gracie also brings a handful of excellent clients whom we’re honored to welcome. Our new clients are a perfect fit: Every one is the sort of change-the-world organization we admire and aspire to serve.

And why would we add such depth in PR? Because the lines between traditional advertising and public relations continue to waver. Because it’s more critical than ever that you take advantage of all the avenues available to get your message to the people. Because you need to cross-promote and extend your story across all sorts of marketing and editorial platforms.

And because the opportunity to merge with a really experienced, really respected team of really smart, nice people doesn’t happen every day.

Simply put, we’re thrilled that the Gracie team is now part of Well Done. If you’ve been one of our clients, we think you’re going to like what they bring. If you’re a new client, we’re looking forward to working with you.

And if you’re thinking about hiring a new agency, there’s never been a better time Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 3.10.12 PMto consider us. We’re bigger, deeper, and more experienced than ever. In other words, our new baby might be perfect for you.

P.S.: Contrary to some reports, we are neither moving to Toronto nor merging with BBQ Boy Inc.