In late 2014, Wheaton World Wide Moving and Bekins Van Lines were two brands in search of a purpose. And not just any purpose, but a great purpose.

But before we get into that, some backstory is in order—starting with three Big Challenges.

Big Challenge #1:

Indianapolis-based Wheaton World Wide Moving acquired Bekins Van Lines in 2012, making it the fourth largest interstate moving company in the country. Instead of jettisoning the 100-plus-year-old Bekins brand, Wheaton continues to operate it alongside Wheaton. The challenge: Finding a way to effectively market two brands that belong to the same category and that offer the same services.

Big Challenge #2:

Most people don’t think about moving companies until they need one. And when they do need one, they typically choose based on convenience and price. The challenge: Differentiating Wheaton and Bekins in what is essentially a classic commodity market.

Big Challenge #3:

Bekins is better known than Wheaton. But neither brand is as well-known as their five biggest competitors: Allied, Mayflower, United, Atlas, and North American. The challenge: Overcoming a significant awareness gap for not just one brand, but two.


Being Great on Purpose

In 2014, incoming Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug DeLor arrived at Wheaton|Bekins ready to tackle these challenges head on. DeLor had previously led marketing efforts at McDonald’s and Technicolor, and those experiences cemented his belief that all great brands have one thing in common: A Great Purpose.

As DeLor defines it, a Great Purpose is more than a mission, vision, or tagline. It’s a driving principle that informs every aspect of a brand’s business practices, decision-making, and behavior. It is written into the brand’s DNA, and it greets customers at every touch point. When appropriately embraced and applied, a Great Purpose has the power to transform a brand—and to create true differentiation in a crowded marketplace.

After much research, reflection, and hard work, DeLor and his team landed on a Great Purpose for both Wheaton and Bekins: they were the two interstate moving brands that could always be counted on to move families with friendly professionalism.

It’s not a revolutionary concept. But, as DeLor says, a Great Purpose doesn’t have to be. As long as it’s true and rooted in authentic values, a Great Purpose has validity—not to mention power.

To bring that power to life, Wheaton|Bekins called on Well Done. “Based on previous projects they’d helped us with, we knew Well Done was the right partner from the very beginning,” DeLor said.

Kind words, but Doug and his team did much of the heavy lifting up front. They didn’t need us to rebuild their brands from the ground up; rather, they needed a partner with the wisdom and creative talent to animate both brands based on their shared Great Purpose.


Taming the Two-Brand Beast

Crafting unique creative approaches for each brand was the biggest challenge facing our team. While Bekins and Wheaton share the same corporate leadership, each one has its own story and heritage. Bekins is known for its unmatched expertise and noble ambition. Wheaton, meanwhile, is renowned for reliably high-quality work and friendly, likable employees.

Nicole Munoz, marketing communications manager at Wheaton|Bekins, appreciated how our team managed to weave those qualities into the assets we created for each brand. “Well Done helped us find a distinctive tone for each of our brands to ensure there was differentiation not only from the competition, but from ourselves, as well.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 3.36.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 3.36.14 PM

Over the past year, we developed, designed, and wrote a variety of marketing tools for Wheaton and Bekins, including new collateral systems, websites, animated sales videos, and digital ad campaigns.

The results, Munoz says, speak for themselves. “They took our marketing assets to the next level, refreshing and reinvigorating each brand. Not only can each van line continue to build on this, but our agents can use these assets to create a more modern connection to the customer for what is arguably a very old and outdated industry.”

Doug DeLor is particularly excited for the new websites: “They have set the stage for the brands to be the high benchmark not only in the moving industry, but on the web.”

“Well Done is a highly talented group,” he continued. “They have a passion for doing their jobs, and for working to achieve the success of our Wheaton and Bekins brand.”

Humbly, we agree. Go check out the new Wheaton and Bekins websites and see if you do, too.