The 13 most interesting web experiences of 2015

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People¬†aren’t shy about complaining when¬†they encounter a¬†bad¬†online experience.¬†But what about truly¬†exceptional online experiences?¬†The ones that move us, make us laugh, or make¬†us think? In our opinion, they too often go unnoticed. So let’s take a moment, shall we, to honor the very best ones of 2015:


“Christmas Express” by Milka

Want to make someone smile? Send them a cute “letter” (via email) courtesy of Milka. The website allows you to select a template, type a note, and send it to¬†a loved one. The beautiful winter wonderland theme doesn’t hurt, either.

Best Websites 2015 - Christmas Express by Milka by WILd

Want to tell your friend to “rock on,” or feel like sending a high five to your co-worker who nailed¬†that presentation? Head over to here¬†to send a custom message (and a hand gesture) to your pal. And a variety of sentiments, not all of them necessarily supportive, are available¬†(i.e. “f*** you” is an option.).

Best Websites 2015 - SendAMessage by Wild

FOR channelling your creativity

Illusion arts magazine

Aside from its really cool content (street art from all over the world), Illusion also boasts a beautiful website. They use video to bring various kinds of street art, ranging from graffiti to street sculpture,¬†to life. In the current banner, they’ve got a man spray painting into the camera. It’s pretty cool:
Best Websites 2015 - Illusion Arts Magazine


Spotify uses beautiful design and elegant user experience to great effect, making it easy (and enjoyable) to explore your own musical tastes or dive into the most popular music of 2015. Popular songs, albums, and artists appear as you scroll down the page, allowing you to relive all of your favorites (and guilty pleasures) from the past year.

Best Websites of 2015 - Spotify Year in Music


Eternally hungry? That makes two of us. Get your vegan on with recipes from The Vegan Stoner. There are no gimmicks here; just really awesome illustrations and meat- and dairy-free recipes.

Best Websites of 2015 - The Vegan Stoner

For Getting Sh*t Done


Need some help in the laundry department? Alfred is your guy. The dry-cleaning enterprise takes an age-old service and makes it fun again with an incredibly fun and interactive site. Scroll down to explore.

Best Websites of 2015 - Alfred Dry Cleaning Service

FOR getting inspired

local eyes project

As someone who has tangoed quite a bit with wanderlust, I find the Local Eyes Project enchanting. You can travel through North and South America through the (camera) lens of people who live there. You’ll find photos from people in Anchorage, Alaska, Campo Grande, Brazil, Vancouver, Canada, and many more exotic, beautiful locales. It’s the perfect little escape from your day-to-day routine.

Best Websites of 2015 - Local Eyes ProjectTAKE YOUR DOSE

Ready for an adventure? Break out of your comfort zone a 360 degree interactive journey with Youri Zoon, kitesurf world champion, and Oculus Rift.

Best Websites of 2015 - Take Your Dose

fly like rufus

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Here’s your chance. Fly over the courts of Wimbledon¬†in this¬†flight simulation experience,¬†a very smart branded online experience by Stella Artois.
Best Websites of 2015 - Fly Like Rufus by Stella Artois

for learning


Are you a Wikipedia fan? Check out their Wikiwand reader for web and mobile. You’ll notice an easy-to-use table of contents in the left nav bar and you’ll have the ability to personalize the appearance of the Wikipedia articles you read. You can also bookmark articles for when you’re at work and probably¬†shouldn’t be catching up¬†on the latest in¬†bumblebee research.

Best Websites of 2015 - Wikiwand Bumblebee in Wikipedia Reader

species in pieces

The “In Pieces” project was launched to bring the plight of 30 endangered animals to life. The designer, Bryan James, created the project to issue a “reminder of the beauty we are on the verge of losing.”

Best Websites of 2015 - In Pieces by Bryan James

Climate Under Pressure

That whole climate change thing? Probably wouldn’t hurt to learn about it. Explore the climate stories of six individuals around the world and learn about¬†our environment in the process. As you move through¬†the game, your choices determine the fate of the characters. No pressure.

Best Websites of 2015 - Climate Under Pressure



This is by far the weirdest site on this list. Here’s your chance to make a pear yodel.¬†Have at it.

Best Websites of 2015 - The Happy Pear Yodeling