5 Not-So-Trendy Tips for Strong PR Strategy

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It’s interesting to see all of the tips and trend stories in January. Most companies complete their planning in the fourth quarter. None the less, now is a great time to look at the year ahead. Who’s not jazzed about new beginnings? Read those industry articles. Just don’t be distracted.

Public relations is a strategic process, not a bunch of one-off tactics. Stick to the plan. By now, you’ve identified your business challenges and developed a PR strategy to tackle them.

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Research—including reading—might be in the plan. Do you know your audiences and their thoughts and behaviors around your brand? Maybe you need to test key messages, do a survey, or explore ways to expand your reach. Build these into your timeline and budget. Don’t change course because you saw a post or read a blog. Tuck it away. Research it further if you need to, but don’t get distracted.

That’s not to say, stop listening. It’s our job as PR practitioners to scan the landscape for changes in attitude, sentiment and behaviors. Yes, we need to stay on top of the news, industry trends and even job “hacks,” but not at the expense of productivity or being strategic.

Here are five not-so-trendy PR tips:

1. Be intentional.

Know your goals and how you will achieve them.

2. Stay focused.

Don’t be distracted by all things shiny and new.

3. Be persistent.

Good PR takes time. Stay the course.

4. Know when to cut bait (and don’t be afraid to).

Allow for trial and error. Run a seasonal campaign. If it works, consider expanding the program and doing it again. If it disappoints, learn from it and move on.

5. Integrate.

Like a marriage, PR and marketing work better together.

Amazing things can happen when you pair these with industry best practices. So learn the new but stick to the tried and true. People are hungry to know the latest trends, and lists are a tempting quick fix. Stay up-to-date, just don’t try every new idea you hear. Here are a few of my favorite trend stories so far this year:

How do they work into your plans?