With the recent departure of longtime Well Done art director Sarah Stewart, our creative team found itself in need of a new designer, and fast. We were about to get pummeled by January, and though we have freelance resources at the ready, we always prefer to do our thing in house whenever possible.

Did we panic? Nope. In fact, we never even posted the job opening publicly. Thanks to a confluence of fortunate circumstances, the ideal candidate was already known to us–and, better yet, available. And he has a great name: Marco Boulais.

There are plenty of reasons besides his name to like Marco: He’s an exceptional designer and illustrator, for one. A perfectionist who won’t put down the mouse until every pixel is in exactly the right place. He’s also a Ball State graduate, and we have found that designers of the Cardinal variety are usually well-prepared for success in real world. And he’s just a really good guy — personable, thoughtful, and quirky. So quirky, in fact, that he volunteered to interview himself for this blog post. So I’ll shut up and let Marco take it from here. 

Marco-260x320-Web-1What brings you to Well Done Marketing?

My car.

No seriously…

Seriously, the allure of working at this agency begins with its talented team of professionals, respected leadership, and the reputation this agency has for creating meaningful work within the city and beyond. Simply put, I’m attracted to doing cool work with and for cool people.

What do you bring to Well Done?

I bring several years of experience in the marketing and branding world. I have a background in both print and web design, which I find useful in creating and applying well-thought-out design solutions that impact audiences.

What will you do here?

I will work alongside the creative team to ensure that the work we do here looks as good as it sounds. Practically speaking, I’ll help brainstorm ideas and direct the visual creation and rollout of campaigns and brand projects.

What are you looking forward to most?

I’m looking forward to hitting the ground running. But I guess I’ve already done that, haven’t I?

Any final thoughts?

Let me see, I’m really just excited to be here. There’s a lot of great work to come so check back in as we share what we’re working on.