Growth has been the one constant at Well Done these past few years. After spending 2012 to 2015 building out an impressive account service team, beefing up our PR offerings was the logical next step. So last November, Well Done merged with Gracie Communications, which brought three new employees to our ranks — including Director of Public Relations Christy Glesing.

Christy comes armed with 23 years of professional experience and an Accreditation in Public Relations. We’re all enjoying getting to know Christy around here, and we think you will too. Read a brief Q&A with Christy below.

260x320_ChristyG_CVWhat’s the most rewarding part of working in public relations?

Helping clients achieve their goals in unexpected ways, averting a crisis, energizing employees, and rallying people around a cause—basically anything that helps a client improve lives, build better communities or grow their business.

Is there a project that stands out as one you’ve been particularly proud to work on?

I love to collaborate on projects that lead to meaningful change or are just plain fun.

A few of my favorites have been: the campaigns to rename the World’s Largest Christmas Tree to the Circle of Lights and launch the Wholesale and other Cultural Districts, recently announcing the new CEO at OneAmerica, helping to promote Final Fours and the Mini-Marathon in Indy, Breast Cancer Awareness and Healthy Indiana license plates, and Indiana as a tourist destination. Whew!

What advice would you give to a recent PR graduate?

Stay on top of changes in the way people and businesses communicate, share news and information, interact with each other, and make decisions. Listen, be friendly, and work hard.

Alright. Enough with the tough questions. What’s your drink of choice?

Coffee, black.

Where can someone find you when you’re not at work?

Poolside and courtside cheering on my kids in swimming, basketball, and volleyball.

Any big goals for 2016?

Enjoy life and make a difference.

Cheers to that. If you’re interested in learning how Christy can help you, reach out and say hello.