Meet Andy Teipen: Our New Director of Business Development

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Teipen Family

When we recently found out that former Well Done Director of Business Development Linda Broadfoot was departing our team to become the director of Indy Parks, we did two things:

  1. Raised our glasses to Linda, because hot damn, what a great gig!
  2. Started hustling to find a new director of business development.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long to find Andy Teipen. Armed with 11 years of professional marketing experience (and exceptional drumming skills), Andy is a stickler for strategy, preferring to start every new client relationship on a strong strategic foundation. He also likes beets.

What else is there to know about Andy? We figured the best way to find out was to ask him. Read our Q&A with Andy below.


Andy TeipenDo you have a dream client?

Being a musician and music lover, I would love the opportunity to work with a drum manufacturer like Ludwig. There is a really cool heritage at Ludwig and many of my drum heroes played Ludwig drums.

Is there a project that stands out as one you’ve been particularly proud to work on? 

I’m not sure there is a particular project, but I love the challenges of sales and marketing. I like to collaborate with people that are much smarter than me and learn from them to solve big problems and be creative.

What advice would you give to someone new to business development?

Be genuine. Find a place or product/service that you truly believe in, and you will do well. I would also share that “sales” gets a really bad rap. Don’t let that get you down. I have a background in teaching. So, I see myself as more of a teacher who can help educate prospective clients on a better way to do business. That dynamic is much more fulfilling.

Alright. Enough with the tough questions. What’s your drink of choice?

My two favorite kinds of beer are 1) cold and 2) free.

Where can someone find you when you’re not at work?

I have a very fulfilling home life with my wife and kids. We have a really active neighborhood too, so there are a ton of impromptu pitch-ins and hangs with friends and neighbors. I also like playing drums in bands like The Midtown Mad Men!

Any big goals for 2016?

My 2016 goal is a carry-over from what I started in 2015. Do more with less. It sounds super boring, but I have found that saying “no” makes me value the things I do commit to. I also hope to learn some tunes on my guitar so I can woo my wife. It has always been a hard thing to do as a drummer.


If you’re interested in talking with Andy about working with Well Done—or if you just want to debate the finer points of drum technique—reach out and say hello.