Introducing New Well Done Art Director Brittany Mason

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Brittany Circle Photo

It’s been a whirlwind few months here at the Well Done HQ. Last November, we merged with Gracie Communications, strengthening our PR muscles. In the months that followed, we won a good bit of new business. That sparked a need for new talent, particularly in our creative department. First came designer Marco Boulais, who we introduced in this space a couple of months ago. And now we’re happy to introduce our newest art director, Brittany Mason.

Brittany is a top-notch designer and conceptual thinker, and she has gotten her hands dirty working in pretty much of every aspect of advertising, from logo design to multiplatform campaign development and execution. Brittany is also active in the local creative community, most notably as the host of the popular monthly breakfast lecture series CreativeMornings. Also, she’s from Bourbon, Indiana. Enough said.

Learn more about Brittany in the Q&A below.

How would you describe your design style? 


Intentional. I keep things clean, minimal, and simple. I like to make sure that every part of the design has a purpose beyond, “It’s there because I thought it looked cool.”

Most designers have one or two things that they just can’t stand. A terrible font, cheesy stock photography, or a played-out design technique. What’s yours?

A drop shadow that’s intended to make people think this 2-D item they’re looking at (digital or flat page printed piece) is actually 3-D. Oy vey.

Where do you turn to for inspiration?

Honestly, everywhere. Sometimes I look to some key reference books or blogs, but a lot of times I just like to explore. Take a walk through South Broad Ripple or Fountain Square. Sometimes I’ll go to the IMA or an art show. Maybe go to a coffee shop or a particularly inspiring dinner.  I’ve pulled inspiration for typography or layout from an old sign. Texture or pattern references can begin in nature. I’ve even found color schemes in food.

What job would you be doing if you weren’t an art director? 

Cameraman on Survivor. Yes, it’s still on, and yes, people still watch it (and I am one of those 8-plus million). I’d get to travel to cool places and experience nature without dealing with the bugs, lack of food, and horrible sleeping arrangements.

What’s your favorite drink?

I have chocolate milk before bed almost every night. Oh, did you mean “adult” beverage? Vodka soda with lime.

If you could drop everything and take a trip right now, where would you go?

Is going on a Eurail Trip cheating? 

What made you want to work at Well Done?

I was drawn to Well Done particularly because of the culture. The folks here are smart and doing great work. I’m a big believer in the saying “you are the company you keep,” and it seems like good company to be in. I also admire the diversity of accounts. Advertising can be a bit draining on the soul after a while, so it’s very refreshing and reinvigorating to have not-profit clients and projects that are doing good for the city.