Its always a good day for a (temporary) tattoo

1 min read

I think we can all agree: Tattoos are pretty cool. So this year, in honor of our 11th birthday, we decided to celebrate irresponsibly by getting all tatted up. But then we thought we might (as many do) regret that decision, so we decided to go the less permanent route and create some pretty kick-ass temporary tattoos courtesy of our dashing young designer, Marco Boulais.

The designs were inspired by old-school sailor tattoos (think Sailor Jerry), and we eschewed the whole butterflies, unicorns, tribal, kanji tattoos thing, because I mean, come on. The themes were created by us, and are based around the glamorous lifestyle we lead as marketing professionals.

So check them out below, and if you get one of these tattoos for real, we can at least promise a job interview.

WDM_Blog_Tattoo_02 WDM_Blog_Tattoo_03