The International Olympic Committee is currently deciding which city will have the honor of hosting the 2024 Summer Games: Rome, Los Angeles, or Paris. As part of its bid, each city submitted a detailed plan for how it hopes to host the Olympics—along with a city-specific logo.

The Committee will consider a multitude of factors when choosing the winning city. But what if the winner was chosen on the strength of its logo alone? We posed that question to Well Done’s design team. See what they said—along with each candidate city’s logo—below.


The Logos of the 2024 Olympic Candidate Cities - LA, Rome, and Paris

Stephanie FellerStephanie Feller, Senior Web Designer

Paris wins for me.

  • Concept: The integration of the Eiffel Tower and the year ’24 was done in a really thoughtful and smart way. They get creativity points for that.
  • Design: It’s clean and crisp. Great use of color, and the gradient was pulled off tastefully.
  • There’s a lot going on with all of these logos since they have to incorporate the icon, name of location, description, and the rings. Paris made a lot of information work well together. It doesn’t come off as too busy.

I think the L.A. one is just awful. And Rome feels disconnected.

Amy McAdams GonzalesAmy McAdams-Gonzales, Associate Creative Director

Los Angeles. For sure.

I’m not a huge fan of the gradient fill and starburst on the figure, but I like the flow of everything much more in this logo than the other two.It has a human quality to it and evokes an emotional reaction. I’m feeling uplifted here.The font is just a little different, and it’s the strongest of the three, to me.



Marco BoulaisMarco Boulais, Designer

Paris: This one pulls it off. It references the Eiffel Tower and the year ’24 in only two lines. It strikes a balance between warm and cool tones. It’s iconic, energetic, and memorable—and it’s worldly and inclusive. It shows brilliance and confidence in its simplicity and boldness. Also, the type choice is solid.

L.A.: I get what they’re going for. I like it. But I think the graphic is too obvious—like they didn’t stretch their imaginations enough. Also, I feel conflicted about the array of lines. The type is good, but not great. It would’ve made a better T-shirt than a logo.

Rome: Also, great concept, great mark, great use of an iconic building; even the colors tie in to Italy’s flag. But then again, they had the opportunity to include the rest of the world in their color palette, and they settled for red, green, and white.

If we’ve learned anything here, it’s that good designers can (and often do) disagree on what constitutes good design. Amy loved L.A.’s logo, while Steph minced no words in calling it “awful.” Meanwhile, Rome didn’t impress anyone. So if we’re doing this democratically, then Paris is Well Done’s winner for the 2024 Olympics.

What about you? Which candidate do you think did the best job of bringing the spirit of the Olympics game—and their city’s unique character—to life?