Adventure by Design: The Story behind Adventure Mamas

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Given the time and energy they put into their day jobs, you’d expect Well Done staffers to spend their free time sipping cocktails and binge-watching Netflix. Yet, they don’t. Take Well Done senior digital art director Stephanie Feller, who recently helped launch Adventure Mamas. The project started as an online community, but it quickly evolved into a large group of adventure-loving moms who meet up for outings all over the country. We sat down with Steph to learn more about the project, her love of the outdoors, and her upcoming adventures. Here’s what we found out.

What is an “Adventure Mama”?

An adventure mama is a confident woman that lives an intentional and fully saturated life. She’s brave, strong, and loves being in the wild. Adventure mamas use their outdoor experiences to help them grow, reflect, find peace, and sustain overall fulfillment. As mamas, our lives are hectic—whether we stay at home or go to a full time gig everyday—it’s a lot of work! Getting outside, with or without our kiddos, is a way to keep ourselves grounded and calm.

am-logoWhat is your goal with this collaboration?

When Justine and I started this in January, our goal for Adventure Mamas was to be a constant reminder to women that they can still be badasses, even after having kids. Many women feel that once they have children, the adventures have to stop. We worry that our identities have been lost and we can’t be the strong women we once were. That’s absolutely not the case! One of our biggest goals is that women take time for self-care. If your version of self-care is going on a week-long backpacking trip, then you’re an adventure mama.

We’ve created an online community through Instagram and blogging where we feature real-life mamas. The grunge, the dirt…the authentic adventure mama. Our community supports each other in real life, too. Yes, I said it…we got off the internet. We’re connecting women all over the country in groups we call collabs. We currently have nine groups established, and we’ve got three more starting next week. These collabs are an opportunity for mamas to get out and take on the wilderness together.

Do you have an outdoor enthusiast you look up to?

There are so many epic climbers, hikers, skiers, and just general wild women out there that amaze me. However, once we started Adventure Mamas, my world was opened up to some pretty incredible women taking on the outdoors. We’ve connected with and featured so many badass women on our Instagram feed and blog. And, we have rad coordinators running our groups. It’s so hard to pick just one.

What adventures do you have on the calendar?

This weekend, the Indianapolis and Southeastern Indiana mamas are going kayaking, the Bend, OR, ladies are going climbing, and our friends in Dayton are going for a family-friendly hike. It’s an incredible mix of adventure!

So, there you have it. Are you an Adventure Mama? Check out how you can get involved or follow along on Instagram for some outdoor inspiration of your own.