Artful Tread 2016: How “Hole Position” Came to Life

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Well Done Marketing's Hole Position Artful Tread 2016

When we found out that the Arts Council of Indianapolis, the IMS, and the Cultural Trail were extending the annual Artful Tread exhibition series to Virginia Avenue, we had to get in on it.

If you’re not familiar with Artful Tread, it’s a street art initiative in which businesses along the Cultural Trail like Silver in the City, Best Chocolate in Town, Mass Ave Pub –and now, Well Done Marketing—create public art pieces using tires.

For our submission, we decided to create a giant “cornhole” board. Except, it’s not cornhole. It’s something we’re calling “Hole Position.”

“Cornhole has two playing boards,” said Well Done web developer and Hole Position architect Josh Apgar. “We only have one. Also, in cornhole, you stand 33 feet away from the hole. We haven’t determined how far you stand from the hole in Hole Position since there are no official rules yet.”

Who needs rules? The fewer the better, we say. So stop by the Well Done office and play a game of Hole Position sometime this weekend. And if you like it, put a ring on it by voting for it using the hashtag #ArtfulTread and tagging @WellDoneMktg on Twitter or Instagram. We’ll love you forever.

Well Done Marketing Artful Thread 2016

Thanks to the team who put this together: Josh Apgar, Marco Boulais, Brittany Mason, and Amy McAdams Gonzales