Meet Turner Kendall, Renaissance Man (And Well Done Intern)

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As a formal introduction would go, my name is Turner Kendall. I am a senior at Elon University in Elon, North Carolina, where I major in Marketing and minor in Entrepreneurship.

Unlike most students my age, over the past 21 years I have moved eight times, lived in five cities (one of them twice and another three times), lived in two countries (the United States and France), and attended five different schools within five different school systems all before graduating high school.

At Elon University, I have continued to pursue my passion for travel and new experiences. This past fall, for example, I studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland. While there, I not only studied (academics and “culture”) and traveled to other countries (now totaling 30), but I also developed professionally while engaged in an internship with Cirrutech Software Ltd.

At Elon, I play a role in several organizations on campus: I’m an Orientation Leader with New Student Orientation, a Student Alumni Ambassador with SAA, a member of the Men’s Club Lacrosse team, and the Vice President of Brotherhood and a founding father of Beta Theta Pi fraternity.


Why Indiana?

My connection to Indiana is deeply sewn into my roots. Nearly all of my family is from Indiana except me. I was born in El Paso, Texas, and although that sets me apart somewhat from the rest of my family, my ties to Indiana remain strong. Having lived here twice already—and with my family currently in transit to Indianapolis this summer (hopefully for good)—I’ve been eager to return to the place I could always call home.


Why Well Done?

I’ve always known Indianapolis to be a growing city, and Well Done Marketing is just on the outskirts of the city center. From a demographics standpoint, Indianapolis has grown over 6% in the past eight years, and last year it was named the 8th Best Place for Business and Careers by Forbes. Regarding the geographical area surrounding Well Done, 20% of the population is between the ages of 21-34 years of age. This younger demographic tends to have a creative,  forward-thinking mindset, as well as personal wisdom and insight to offer as I approach the next stages of my life.



The key factors that drew me to Well Done—besides the “well” rounded experiences and resources they have to offer—are the values and ideals that we share, such as:

Nurture and Reward

Well Done seeks interns with creative thinking and analytical skills, and they nurture and reward that talent.

Comprehensive Strategic Planning

My work motto is, “Think creatively, act logically.” To me, this means opening up your mind to new ways of thinking. If the bottom line doesn’t match your end goal, then it’s time for a new direction.

Want to Make the World a Better Place

Like me, Well Done wants to work with people who aren’t just in business for money. They love what they do, and they love helping others.


What Do You Want to Accomplish at Well Done?

Like most college interns, I have goals for my internship. First, I want to develop new skills that are applicable after my days with Well Done. Every job I have had thus far has taught me something new: customer service skills, how to use specific database tools, and work ethic and character building, to name a few.

Secondly, I want to be able to comprehend and communicate analytical findings and strategies of digital marketing. It is one thing to find data that is relevant; it is another to be able to effectively and formally communicate data in its relevance to a business.

Finally, I want to strengthen my skills as a writer and as an analytical and creative thinker. I know I possess these abilities (although to what degree is up for debate).

Overall, I want to learn anything and everything I can about marketing in this generation. With technology constantly evolving and changing the way we reach the people around us, I look forward to seeing what Well Done can help me accomplish.