Saying Goodbye

2 min read

I recently told everyone here in the office that I’m moving to San Francisco in a few weeks. It was a difficult decision, but one that I feel confident in and am excited for. My partner, Michael, and I are looking forward to our new life together there, and we are thrilled to soon be in the same zip code after two and a half years in different states.

But I can’t leave without saying a few things. I love this place and I really, really love these people. So I wanted to offer a few thoughts before I go.

  • You don’t have to hate your job. It can be a long 40+ hours each week so please, for your own sake, find something (and somewhere) you love. Bonus points if you find it when you’re young.
  • It’s cool to be kind. Be open to new people. Choose to be nice to your neighbors, and to guide with sensitivity and good intentions. That choice will benefit you in many ways.
  • Growth is important. Don’t accept an employer that shoves you into a box. Look for a place that offers opportunity and professional development. Fight for yourself and for your skills. You matter, too.
  • Balance matters. Hopefully you won’t work your life away. Your family, friends, and hobbies should play a lead role your life. Work while you’re at work so you can enjoy the people and things you love. There’s also no reason to do one without the other. At Well Done it was always clear that dogs and kids are welcome to swing by and that a personal need (be it a doctor’s appointment or trip to get your car repaired) isn’t anything to get bent out of shape over.
  • There’s always something worth celebrating. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that we write a holiday on the chalkboard each day. We don’t do this because we have tons of free time to pop bottles, but because we want to remind people that even boring old Tuesday can be a great day. And why shouldn’t it?

I don’t know what’s next, job-wise, although I’ll be doing freelance work while I’m in transition. But one thing I do know? I will never replace Well Done. And I would never hope to. I’m so thankful for my time here and I will forever cherish the coworkers who became some of my closest friends.

So take my job. You’ll be near some of the greatest food in Indianapolis and you’ll be challenged everyday. The list of perks is endless: professional development opportunities, working remotely from time to time, and bringing your dog to work. If you’re on the hunt for something special, contact Abby about applying to take over as Well Done’s digital strategist. Just promise me you’ll keep up with the chalkboard.