Your ad agency has only one job, and it’s not to “do killer creative” or “develop innovative strategies” or “provide comprehensive project management to ensure each job gets done on time, under budget.” It’s not to plan media or hatch new ideas or craft your messaging or build your website.

It’s to make you rich and famous.

That’s why we come to work every day. That’s our goal: We want to make you rich and famous, within the context of your market and your world, to the limits of your willingness to invest.

Because marketing is an investment and, like any investment, it carries risk. You’re making a bet that the time and money you invest in marketing will be worth the reward—better leads, more sales, higher awareness, new donors or investors, whatever riches you seek.

Or not. You may be comfortable where you are. You may not want or need more riches or fame. That’s cool.

But risk aversion keeps a lot of organizations from realizing their potential. They have customers who love them. Their products are great. But they’ll never grow to their full potential because they don’t want to risk investing in marketing.

Other clients spend some money—but are so concerned about internal politics or decorum that they don’t allow their ad agency to do its best work. The result is mushy, boring advertising that minimizes their success.

But what if, just as you trust your attorney to keep you out of legal trouble and your insurance agent to protect you from financial ruin, you trusted your ad agency to do its job? To get the right people’s attention in the right places at the right times, with the right message, communicated with clarity and power? To tap into our (admittedly a little bit insane) desire to help you succeed?

When that happens, the riches and fame are limited only by your capacity for wealth and renown.

Great marketing does require an investment of some combination of time and money (because it takes money to make money. Also: Time is money). Maybe more important, it takes an investment in trust that you’ve chosen the right ad agency to lead you to the bottom line.

And that’s really the best way to manage risk: Choose the right ad agency and let them do their job. Give them a clear goal and the means to achieve it. Whatever fame and fortune mean to you, you’ll have all you can handle.