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A new kind of dump truck.

Nick Huckson, proud Canuck and owner of The Sault’s Plumber, started his plumbing business just six weeks ago with a simple but brilliant marketing ploy: creating a graphic for his truck that makes it appear as if he’s taking a crap. Since it’s a side profile, Nick hasn’t been arrested by the Mounties yet—but with the window down and Nick in the driver’s seat, it does look alarmingly like a grown man honking out a dirt snake at 65 miles-per-hour. Which might be legal in Canada, actually.

The price of being a creative is getting higher. Much higher.

Sometimes, you just need a little something to help you get unstuck—especially when you’re in compulsory creative situations. Esteemed drug researcher David Nutt might recommend dropping some acid. A new study he helped publish, Semantic Activation in LSD: Evidence from Picture Naming, concluded that LSD leads to a “generic defocusing, hyper-associative effect…(that) may have implications for the enhancement of creativity…(and) can result in a cascade of associations that allow quicker access to far away concepts stored in the mind.” Trey Anastasio approves.

Donate your organs, assh*le.

Donate Life America could have easily done a bland “heartwarming” campaign to try and get millennials to sign up as organ donors. But Donate Life America has cojones. They produced something funny, interesting, crass, and even a teeny bit emotional, all with a clear and effective message: Even if you’re a Grade-A butthole, your organs can still help save lives.

Hillary’s new man.

He’s old. He’s a womanizer. And he’s well-versed in foreign policy. No, it’s not ol’ Slick Willy, although Hillary’s new flame is on a bill—the $100 bill to be exact, as these days Hillary’s new best friend seems to be Ben Franklin. Of the $149,912,732 currently designated for political advertisements before the November election, $145,299,727 is being spent by the Clinton campaignand pro-Clinton PACs. I don’t know if Hillary has selected a theme song for her campaign, but I have a recommendation.

Bo knows advertising.

Bo Jackson knows a lot of things: Baseball. Football. Broken bats. Broken hips. Defying gravity. And just about every boy who grew up in the early 90’s knows something else about Bo Jackson: He was completely, utterly unstoppable on Tecmo Bowl for the Nintendo NES. Gamers have been exploiting that fact for decades, and now it’s Kia’s turn. So I present to you this kick-ass spot for the new Kia Sorento. Which is a sentence I never, ever thought I’d write.