The holidays come but once a year, and while we all cherish the time spent with family and friends (i.e. politics at the dinner table), what we really care about is settling in on the couch and watching TV until we’ve appropriately lost touch with reality and have to be reeled back in by an errant text message or phone call from concerned parties.

This is called binge-watching by the way (duh), and we all do it. In a survey conducted by Netflix in 2014, 73% of people define binge-watching as “watching between 2-6 episodes of the same TV show in one sitting.” Yes, there is hard data for binge-watching habits, because society has a reached its tipping point and we study such things now.

Here’s what the Well Done crew is binge-watching (and snacking on) this holiday season.

Christy Glesing, Director Public Relations

Our family is homed in on Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas. Must-sees include: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Elf, The Polar Express, and the Home Alone series. Other holiday favorites are: White Christmas, Meet Me in St. Louis, and A Christmas Story. We like to make our Christmas cookies or wrap presents while watching the movies and snack on popcorn and homemade Chex Mix with hot chocolate. We also keep a bowl of mixed nuts (that need to be shelled) on the table.

Matt Gonzales and Amy McAdams Gonzales, Associate Creative Directors

“Binge” is probably too strong a word to describe our TV-viewing habits (it’s hard to binge while parenting a 3- and 5-year-old), but our latest TV obsession is HBO’s Westworld. Is the dialog often terrible? Yes. Are the performances mostly wooden? As a colonial-era coffee table. But what can we say: We’re suckers for dystopian sci-fi and Thandie Newton. Especially Thandie Newton.

Melissa Yoder, Account Supervisor

I’ll be binge watching Gilmore Girls, because let’s face it, it’s amazing and way overdue! And hopefully Stranger Things because I’m way late to the party on this one, but I’ve heard so many great things, how can I not? As far as snacks, I’ll be rocking some Thanksgiving leftovers and hopefully some peanut butter popcorn.

Lisa Sirkin Vielee, Vice President

I’m watching Good Girls Revolt on Amazon Prime. It is the fictionalized account of a true EEOC filing that allowed women to move out of research-only roles at newspapers/magazines and join the male-only writers and editors club. It was recommended by a friend of my mom’s who lived through the civil rights/women’s rights era. As for snacks, my go-to is dry cereal. I’m especially fond of Quaker Oat Squares and Cinnamon Life.

Alex Mattingly, Writer/Producer

I’m watching the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix to finally enjoy some vindication once and for all on my Rory/Jess ‘shipping. It does seem like a bit much to hope that Logan dies, but at the same time—why not? This is a holiday for gratitude, after all, and nothing would say “thanks, fans, for believing in us” like Amy Sherman-Palladino writing a scene in which Logan falls to his death from the roof of the Dragonfly Inn. And nothing would go better with a scene like that than a nice warm plate of black-bean-and-cheese nachos, with extra guacamole.

Ken Honeywell, President and Creative Director

I know I should watch Westworld and finish Black Mirror, but I find myself being increasingly turned off to violence in my entertainment. So I’m going to watch the new Gilmore Girls episodes on Netflix, because I loved the series, and it ended so badly that the fans are owed an update. I’m also going to binge watch the second series of the charming Detectoriststhe sort of pastoral dramedy only the Brits can do.

Brian Deer, Director of Technology

I’ll be binge watching Arrow and The Flash because, even though the acting is bad and the storylines are worse, they are super hero movies or at least costume characters and I love that shit. In addition to that, I am continuing to watch Westworld because the acting is great, the storyline is intriguing and, well, c’mon, there are beautiful freakin’ robots.

Nick Honeywell, Writer/Producer

Peep Show: Easily as good as Always Sunny and just a half-step down from Seinfeld (that’s right—a mere half-step), the British romp Peep Show is the best sitcom you’ve never heard of. Its smart, crass, drug-addled humor makes typical British staples like Monty Python’s Flying Circus look like Blue’s Clues. Don’t sleep on it.

Brittany Mason, Art Director

I can’t wait to curl up in my chair-and-a-half with my softest blanket, fluffiest pillow, and glass of red wine to watch as much Frasier as possible. Only 13 episodes into the first season, Frasier, Niles, Daphne, Marty and Eddie consume roughly 63% of my daily thoughts. I’ve been having a real craving for tossed salad and scrambled eggs as of late, but will probably opt for warm turkey & Swiss sandwiches and my aunt’s peanut butter pie as my snacks of choice.

Stephanie Feller, Senior Digital Art Director

I’m watching Gilmore Girls and Felicity. Gilmore Girls is the obvious one … we’ve been waiting forever for this to happen. And Felicity—I re-watch this show every couple of years. I’m a sucker for some college angst. And Keri Russell’s hair is rad. For my favorite snack, I’m going to have to say lime tortilla chips are my go-to right now. And beer, of course.

Christine Hudson, Digital Strategist

I’m watching 24, because I somehow missed this entire show when it was airing in the mid-2000s? (Come on, Hudson). The worst part? I’m watching this on actual DVD discs. I didn’t realize how much I’d come to rely on Netflix automatically queuing up and playing the next episode for me, so now, when an episode ends, I have to grapple in the darkness for my remote, navigate back to the main menu and click on the next episode. Unbelievable. I’m snacking on freshly-popped stovetop popcorn and protein bars.

Sean McCarthy, Account Executive

I’m currently re-watching all the episodes of The Office because I just can’t get enough of the show and an office-like setting. More importantly, though, I’m keeping up with The Walking Dead (it’s the highlight of my Sunday) and I’m always willing to discuss the latest fan theory. I’m open to watching The Wire (because even though it’s been out for more than a decade, I’ve never been able to watch it) and Westworld (because that’s all anyone talks about nowadays). So if you have HBO login credentials and want to share, send them my way. It’s the holidays, after all.

Shelby Walton, Assistant Account Executive

Gilmore Girls…

Robin Beery, Writer/Producer

I’ll probably spend some of the Thanksgiving break re-watching the first season of The Man in the High Castle, since the second season will be released on December 16. It’s based on Philip K. Dick’s novel of the same name, and is set in an alternate United States in which the Allies were on the losing side of World War II. I’ll be eating my feelings, as well as my father-in-law’s homemade caramel corn.

Brandon Martin, Web Developer

I’m 2 episodes in on Shameless, and plan on blasting through that. I think there’s 6 seasons on Netflix. It’s pretty raunchy, but William H. Macy’s portrayal of an alcoholic, deadbeat dad is really good, and all of the child actors are excellent.


Most are watching Westworld and Gilmore Girls.